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    3 months

    Audio Story Writing

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    16th Oct '23

    Build your foundation


    Program Duration

    3 Months


    Batch Size

    Up to 50 members


    Content Duration

    20+ hours of content



    Intermediate to Advance

    What Will You Learn in the Program?

    1. Know How to Start Research, Read, Write

    Learn basics of audio-story writing

    Get introduced to genres & genre-writing styles

    Understand dialogues, plot lines & plot building

    2. Fundamentals of Writing

    Study the fundamentals elements of character building

    Learn how to approach language and dialect in dialogues

    Understand how to add cliffhangers, conflicts, twists & climax

    3. Working on Final Drafts

    Learn to use different script writing toolsLearn to use different script writing tools

    Understand the importance of sound effects, ambience & equipment

    Approaching your final draft, proofreading, editing & narration

    4. Collaboration & Marketing

    Learn how to market yourself & get noticed

    Collaborate with sound engineers, audiobook platforms & narrators

    Briefly learn the laws of copyright & ownership of your script

    Who will teach you?


    Satya Vyas


    Sudeep Nagarkar

    How Does 3 Months Program Work?

    Watch pre-recorded and live sessions.

    Finish assignments, and receive feedback

    Write your audio-story with the help of industry experts

    Grab your certificate

    Benefits of joining our program


    Protect your IP Rights

    Mugafi protects your IP and makes sure you earn rightfully as per the industry standards


    Earn Licensing Fees

    You earn a significant percentage from your produced content with Mugafi


    100% Guaranteed Submission

    Every finished story will be pitched to relevant production houses/audio-story platforms


    Launch, Distribute & Monetize

    Selected stories will be developed and launched by Mugafi

    Top earning creators with Mugafi

    "The Audio-Story program exceeded my expectations. The mentors brought their extensive experience to the table, making the learning process engaging and practical. I appreciated the emphasis on collaboration and marketing, which is often overlooked in creative writing programs. The program's structure, from research to final drafts, was well-paced, and the feedback on assignments was constructive. I'm grateful for the knowledge and skills I gained during these three months."

    Aarav M.

    Audio-Story Program

    "I joined the Audio-Story Writing program with little prior knowledge, but it transformed my writing skills. The program's structured approach, under the guidance of mentors like Satya Vyas and Sudeep Nagarkar, helped me grasp the fundamentals of storytelling. Learning about character building and adding suspense to my narratives has been invaluable. Thanks to this program, I now have the confidence to write compelling audio stories. Highly recommended!"

    Deepti Pandey

    Audio-Story Program

    "It has been a great learning experience. There is so much to learn and explore about screenwriting, which was all very new to me. Honestly, Mugafi classes have helped me a lot in understanding the very concept and crisis of Screenwriting. The mentors have been wonderful too. Looking forward to implement it all and create some good stuff 🙂"


    Screenwriting Program

    "The best part about this fellowship was the deep rooted context of Haryana and Rajasthan. I was having a hard time tapping into that. I think I can finally make a dent in my native film industry. I’d love to show it to the world now that Rajasthan is not just about Ghoomar and Choorma, and I owe that confidence to you guys!"

    Prem Kaushik

    Screenwriting Program

    "Understanding the Haryana Film Industry and learning the ways to actually get a chair at that table felt quite overwhelming. Listening to all of it from the very industry professionals has really given me a sense of confidence in my abilities. There has been a responsive feedback loop, which really made drafting, editing and brainstorming an easier process. Kudos to Mugafi!"

    Shubham Handa

    Screenwriting Program

    Our top published writers



    Manikya Sanghi


    The Seven Shades of Dark...

    Bijal Talekar


    Inside heart

    Simran Thakur



    Dyalu, Prerak, Janani


    Unrecognised: Topics that matter

    Simran Thakur

    Frequently asked questions

    Who can join the program ?

    You just have to be between the age group of 16 to 45. There is no other criteria for the eligibility of this course

    • The 12-week program will have

    • 80+ hours of recorded video lectures from industry mentors

    • Live Q&A with industry experts

    • Regular assignments and peer-to-peer reviews

    • Community events & Mastermind Sessions

    You are given assignments to complete in each module. The feedback is provided on the assignments you submit.

    The program usually ranges between 2-3 months. You will be committing close to 4 hours per week attending recorded and live sessions.

    Mugafi can help you to launch, monetize and distribute your content across platforms.

    Yes, there are work opportunities in our Writer’s Program.

    Yes, you will have live Q&A sessions with industry experts at the end of each module.

    Upon 90% completion of the program, you will see an option to generate your certificate on your dashboard. You can download the certificate and will receive it in your registered mailbox.