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Character Alchemy: Crafting Memorable and Dynamic Characters

By Kevin Missal

Selected date

28th Feb


7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Entry fee


Topics to be covered

Learn the art to write stories that are engaging and unforgettable

How to create powerful characters having unique traits, flaws, and motivations

Learn techniques to maintain reader interest by presenting character histories effectively

Explore Kevin Missal's Journey to understand how he created Mythology masterpieces

How to balance character goals and challenges to build engaging narratives for your story

Interactive Q&A session with Kevin Missal

Who will teach you?


Kevin Missal

Kevin Missal, one of the youngest mythological and fantasy authors, started his writing career at the young age of fourteen with his debut novel, Damien Black: The Battle of Lost Ages. His literary works have topped the bestselling charts on Hindustan Times bestseller and Asian Age bestsellers. He has written fifteen best-selling novels which include the Narasimha Trilogy, Kalki Trilogy, Raavanputr Meghnad, Yama, Karna: The King of Anga, Sinbad Series, Devi Series, and many more. Some of his books have also been turned into audiobooks. Kevin has worked with top publishers in India including Fingerprint Publishing, Harper Collins India, Simon and Schuster India, and Penguin Random House India. Translated into six languages, his books have gained wide recognition and popularity. Kevin embraces and wears multiple hats by being an author, speaker and CEO of Hubhawks.

Workshop overview

Character driven storytelling: transforming ordinary ideas into extraordinary, memorable, and dynamic characters

Understanding archetypes: identifying clichés and stereotypes to infuse depth, complexity, and relatability

Character growth and development: establishing clear character motivations for compelling narratives!

Q&A Session: addressing specific challenges or questions from workshop participants

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Frequently asked questions

How do I know if I can participate?

Anyone who is interested in improving their writing skills can participate. There are no age or skill-level restrictions, just a notch for creativity and imagination.

Yes. However, the extent and nature of feedback may vary depending on the workshop and its format.

Yes, they are, in addition to the added benefit of convenience and accessibility.

No, your writing will only be shared within the workshop group and only for the purposes of critique and discussion.

No, this workshop is not accredited and no certificate will be provided. However, participants will have the opportunity to improve their writing skills and connect with other writers.

If you have more questions about the workshop, you can reach out to us at hello@mugafi.com