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Author Workshop: Idea to Book to Screen - Write Stories that Reach Millions

By Sumrit Shahi

Bestselling Author & Screenwriter

Selected date

21st Feb


7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Entry fee


Topics to be covered

Unlock the secrets of successful storytelling, blending theoretical insights with practical skills.

Learn to identify ideas with broad appeal and commercial potential in both literary and cinematic realms.

Master the skills to seamlessly transform literary creations into captivating screen experiences.

Delve into the creative journey from ideation to screen adaptation, exploring key aspects of the process.

Learn techniques to maintain the essence of your story while embracing the visual language of film.

Get guidance for navigating the dynamic storytelling landscape in today's multimedia age

Participate in an Interactive and Insightful Q&A Session.

Who will teach you?


Sumrit Shahi

• Sumrit Shahi, novelist, screenwriter, and motivational speaker. • He has authored three bestselling fiction novels, Just Friends, A Lot Like Love...a li'l Like Chocolate, and Never Kiss Your Best Friend. • His TV show Sadda Haq - My Life, My Choice, has won the Youth Show (fiction) category at Zee Gold Awards in 2014 and at the Indian Telly Awards in 2014 and 2015. • He has written the screenplay for a web series called Black Coffee, and dialogues for a web series called Medically Yourrs for Alt Balaji. • Awarded by the Hindustan Times in a list of top 30 young achievers under 30.

Workshop overview

Crafting Marketable Ideas: Dive into techniques for generating original and marketable story concepts.

Character and Dialogue Excellence: Learn compelling characters and dialogues to enhance the overall impact of the narrative.

Immersive World Construction: Explore strategies to construct vivid and immersive fictional worlds, transporting readers to captivating and unforgettable settings.

High-Concept Pitch Development: Develop the skill to distill your story into a high-concept pitch that grabs attention and generates interest.

Seamless Screen Adaptation: Strategize on seamlessly adapting your written work for the visual medium.

Author Platform Building: Explore practical methods to build a robust author platform that captures the interest of readers and industry professionals.

Q&A Session: addressing specific challenges or questions from workshop participants.

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"I tried Ved writing tool at your workshop! It's perfect for writers like me who always need feedback & help. The best part? It has all the features one needs to write and also create characters!! Ved is fun! Thanks for introducing me to this. :relaxed:"


"Workshop! :+1: It was an amazing experience listening to such an established Author talk about her experiences, motivation and methods. Motivated me to complete my story I was working on. Thankyou!"

Priya Chaturvedi

"The workshop was super organized and really helpful. Didn’t think it would happen but I got my questions answered by an author like Ravinder Singh! Can't believe how cool that was!"

Shubham Handa

"I've been to a bunch of workshops by Mugafi, and I keep coming back for more. They always bring mentors from so many different writing areas, which gives me so many perspectives making my writing journey super interesting and fun!"

Maya S.

Frequently asked questions

How do I know if I can participate?

Anyone who is interested in improving their writing skills can participate. There are no age or skill-level restrictions, just a notch for creativity and imagination.

Yes. However, the extent and nature of feedback may vary depending on the workshop and its format.

Yes, they are, in addition to the added benefit of convenience and accessibility.

No, your writing will only be shared within the workshop group and only for the purposes of critique and discussion.

No, this workshop is not accredited and no certificate will be provided. However, participants will have the opportunity to improve their writing skills and connect with other writers.

If you have more questions about the workshop, you can reach out to us at hello@mugafi.com