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Screenwriting Workshop: Mastering Comedy in Screenplays

By Khushbu Baid & Nikita Okhade

Selected date

29th Feb


7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Entry fee


Topics to be covered

Developing comedic characters

Plotting funny narratives

Using Humor in Different Settings

Balancing humor and emotions

Creating a connection with the Audience

Q&A session with the mentor

Key takeaways



captivating scenes and intriguing stories



techniques that make a story interesting



your unique writing style



live for an interactive Q&A session

Who will teach you?


Khushbu Baid


Nikita Okhade

Workshop overview

Character Comedy: Creating lovable and amusing characters that drive comedic narratives.

Structuring Comedic Narratives: Developing comedic premises and storylines. Balancing humor with plot progression and character arcs.

Situational Humor: Leveraging settings and scenarios to maximize comedic impact.

Navigating Sensitive Topics with Humor: Approaching sensitive subjects with humor and tact.

Audience Engagement: Writing comedy that connects with diverse audiences and brings out genuine laughter.

That’s what they say about us

"The workshop was informative and very interactive. We understood the thought process of the writer and how he works with his ideas. The discussion was free flowing and candid."

Prachi Jawadekar Wagh

"I'm really grateful that i attended this screenwriting workshop by Deepesh sir. It was a long and informative session and was really helpful in my writing journey. previously i thought i will not do any screenwriting course but as this session ends i was very clear that i want to learn more about screenwriting."

Kushagara Gupta

"Attending the character creator workshop which was hosted by Mugafi was really helpful as it gave a much needed insight and hearing the experience on what the inspiration of aspirants also gave me some idea on how things work the workshop gave me ideas on how to proceed with writing myself."

Emmanuel Philip

Frequently asked questions

How do I know if I can participate?

Anyone who is interested in improving their writing skills can participate. There are no age or skill-level restrictions, just a notch for creativity and imagination.

Yes. However, the extent and nature of feedback may vary depending on the workshop and its format.

Yes, they are, in addition to the added benefit of convenience and accessibility.

No, your writing will only be shared within the workshop group and only for the purposes of critique and discussion.

No, this workshop is not accredited and no certificate will be provided. However, participants will have the opportunity to improve their writing skills and connect with other writers.

If you have more questions about the workshop, you can reach out to us at hello@mugafi.com