Benefits of reading

1.Reduces Stress
Reading books can calm you down after a stressful day. Losing yourself in a great story is a great experience and it teleports you to a new world, leaving behind your everyday problems and hectic schedules. Many people prefer reading a book before sleeping because it reduces down their stress and anxiety levels and it helps them sleep better.
2.Improves Vocabulary
Through reading books, one can learn new words and ways to phrase better sentences. Every good writer is a huge fan of reading as well, and they all suggest reading classics that had
excellent vocabulary and phrases in them.
3.Improves Memory
It’s a proven fact that reading can improve your memory and enhance your day-to-day
concentration and alertness. Studies also show that it slows down the progress of Alzheimer’s and Dementia, and in fact prevents them.
4.Improves Creativity and Thinking
Imagining while you read is a mind exercise that helps you develop your own creativity and the way you think. Imagination is limitless when you’re reading a book, the way you think of a character’s appearance in your mind or draw a scenery from one of the scenes in the book.
Every book provides knowledge. Be it fiction or nonfiction, every book has things you will learn by reading it. Apart from that, there are straight forward general knowledge books that are often recommended for kids to study, and increase their knowledge.

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