Benefits of Writing

Writing is not just a medium to communicate, it has many other benefits. Here are ten benefits that you can derive from the art of writing.

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Better Communication
The practice of writing makes you want to improve your vocabulary and phrase better
sentences. It all comes into play when you are in an important conversation where you can put across your thoughts in a better and clearer manner. Writing helps you communicate better, orally or in writing itself.

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Creative writing is an art. The more you write, the more you learn to imagine, visualize, or simply create something. Be it a movie script, or the lyrics of a song, it all involves writing. Writing is a great practice if you are in any of the creative fields, or even if you take it as a hobby.

Relieves Mental Stress
Writing your thoughts down on paper is one of the best exercises to do if you want to clear your mind and relieve some mental stress. Putting down emotions in writing will make you feel at peace. For example, just writing a simple journal each day can make you feel lighter and help you sleep better. As per a study, people who take out time once a week to write down the good things in their lives are more optimistic and excited about their present circumstance and future.

Improves Perspective
Writing your schedule or in fact, old memories can make you think better about your goals and how efficient you are in life. It gives you a fresh and broader perspective on your priorities. Writing often can help you boost your prioritizing skills. Writing helps in keeping track of creative ideas that are needed in the workplace or in life in general. While brainstorming, those ideas are quite hard to organise. Writing helps in storing and giving perspective to ideas that might or could have been forgotten. Moreover, while writing fiction, it gives an edge and sheds objective light for the reader to go through the fictional scene, thus making for an engaging and interesting read.

Writing can provide a sense of accomplishment, which is a very empowering feeling to have, however small it might be. It can make you feel more confident and at the very least, can positively affect your mood.

Sharpens Memory
Writing helps in improving your memory. It grows stronger the more you practice. Writing is one of the best techniques to memorise things in an orderly form. It also stores memories and feelings and brings them back exactly how they were felt and written.

Makes you a better writer
Writing on takes effort. This makes writing by hand a tedious job but bears fruit in the end. It forces one to slow down and consider each phrase carefully while giving a record of the progress and the edits that one has made along the way.

Improves health
Dyslexia is a condition that is caused by a disconnection between the auditory, language processors of the brain. Fortunately, writing by hand helps those processors centre and function together. People who struggle with dyslexia also struggle with learning to read because their brains associate the sound and the letter combinations ineffectively. Learning cursive writing helps with this decoding process and upgrade hand-eye coordination, motor skills and other memory functions. It even acts as a preventive measure for serious diseases like Alzheimer’s or dementia.

Your immune system will be strengthened, and your risk of infection will be reduced if you write expressively. Those who journal report increased immune system function and reduced asthma and rheumatoid arthritis symptoms. Expressive writing has also been shown to increase liver and lung performance as well as combat such ailments, and it has even been documented to speed up the recovery process for the injured.

Improves self-expression
Using your hands to write help you stop getting tongue-tied. It teaches you how to expand your ideas and think about them thoroughly. Writing by hand takes longer and allows you to think about your sentences. When you write by hand, you have more leeway to express yourself. Unlike a computer screen, pen on paper could be more forgiving. You can still cross out words and tuck things away.

Helps in deep and critical thinking
Writing by hand is relatively slower, which enables the mind to think critically about what you’re writing. It aids in the expansion of your thinking and the formation of links between ideas.

Writing by hand allows you to see the connections between abstract ideas and aids in the solution of complex problems. It encourages you to take your time and pay attention to your thoughts. Writing on a daily basis has been shown to aid in the communication of complex ideas. This has advantages in terms of emotional intelligence (the ability to articulate how you feel) as well as in what are called the hard sciences, like mathematics.

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