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From amateurs to seasoned writers, we all take the help of tools. But we have come quite far to still be turning pages of a thesaurus or a dictionary. Be it editing or research or time optimization, there are plenty of tools available on the internet. They are easy to handle and time-saving. If you are a writer looking to add some spark and glitter to your pieces, we have a curated list of online tools to ensure you get the best writing experience.


Grammarly is like that friend of yours that proofreads your written piece for you. All you have to do is copy-paste your document. Not only will it bring to notice all the grammatical, punctuation, and spelling errors in your file but also offer suggestions on how to correct them in a sidebar. The readability of your piece is also commented upon.

Grammarly has a browser extension as well as an app. You get a basic plan for free but if you desire some advanced options like a plagiarism checked to make strides with your writing, they offer a premium plan too.

Hemingway App

Hemingway is another great editing app. The best part about Hemingway is that it is colour-coded. You get visual feedback on how your writing has performed. It willl test the readability of your document and provide a grade and comment on it.

It also clues you in on your overuse of adverbs and sentences written in passive voice. Hemingway will suggest concise replacements for statements that appear too wordy. If the aforementioned tools are not enough to convince you, the fact that it is completely free just might.


Gone are the days where we would scour for a pen and paper amid your cluttered desk. These days we instinctively reach for our phones every time inspiration strikes. But what if we tell you that there exists a better note-taking app than the pre-loaded app you have on your smartphone, and that too for free.

Do no’t let any innovative idea leave your mind before taking it down by downloading Evernote. Evernote’s creative note-taking options allow you to attach voice notes, pictures, and web pages along with your text.

Evernote has a premium upgrade with a plethora of advanced options. And if you are unsure, they also offer a monthly trial period of their premium plan for free.

Answer The Public

If you are a content writer and your employer or client is concerned with catering to its target audiences and putting out some original content, this is for you.

All you need is a set of keywords you want to design your content around and feed that into their website. It will assemble visualized as well as textual information about relevant and top questions being searched on the web about your keywords.

You can follow that up with research on the results you get. You wil surely be a hit with your audiences because you will know what they are curious about, and Answer The Public does that for you.

NaNoWriMo Writing Calculators

If you have been in the writing field for a long while, you are well aware of how prone a writer is to distractions. Our minds are our best virtue but also the greatest vice. If you find yourself struggling with introducing some discipline in your writing routine, you can use one of many NaNoWriMo calculators available online.

You can feed in your goal and the timeline. The calculator will break it down for you in more palatable tasks that you can stick to. If you are looking to write a novel and the job seems too daunting, this tool helps you optimize your schedule.


The prerequisite for writing content is to take stock of what is already out there. Buzzsumo lends a hand here. When you type in some keywords, it prepares a curated list of the most popular articles, videos, and relevant posts related to your search. You can use this list create better content than your competitors. Another way Buzzsumo will serve you is you can dig up ideas that are novel and original so that your writing is a bigger hit.

One Look Thesaurus

As a writer, it is safe to confess that a thesaurus is our bible. We reach for it every two sentences to add that much-needed sheen to our writing. If you are a content writer, you have to be especially careful and avoid repetition of the same set of words lest you are caught guilty of “keyword stuffing”. A thesaurus thus is a no-brainer. You can enhance your writing by using a myriad of words by only referring to a thesaurus.

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