Writer vs Author: Difference Between Author and Writer

We can all agree that writers are those who write. Not everyone who does so will be exceptionally talented at it, but they do possess the spirit of a writer.

In the same sense, an author would be, in all likelihood, someone who has published their writing. But there has to be more than just this tiny detail to distinguish between the two.

While the line of demarcation between the two is a little blurry, there are several types of writers and authors which can help clear the fog.

Talking about the similarities first – both are writers, to start with. Both can be writing on topics which are not entirely their own. Both can express their ideas or thoughts through the written word and use it as a medium to teach out to their audience. Their written words are louder than their voice and they find freedom within their pages.

Writer vs Author – What’s The Difference?

Now, let’s look at the differences. While anyone who writes can be a writer, an author is someone whose writing has been published and has been given credit for the same, officially. A writer can be writing for someone else or for an organisation and need not be necessarily credited for his/her work. Whereas the author will actually own the copyright to the work produced, while a writer may or may not own their copyright depending on the nature of the work. The ultimate point of distinction boils down to this – an author will have a book to their credit, while for a writer it need not be a book always.

So it can also be said that an author is a subset of a writer. This brings us back to our main question – then what is the difference between them? Read on about their types to understand the distinction further.

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Types of Writers

The following are the types of Writers.

Blog Writer

In this category of writers itself, there are multiple sub-categories that exist simultaneously. Some are as follows:

Hobby Writers

Their writing is largely personal and tend to be more like an online journal of their personal lives and other areas of interest. It’s a good habit for a writer to maintain a journal of musings and thoughts. These blogs need not have a monetary goal. They can purely be an online platform of their own to share their thoughts/ writings and other such things.

Business Blog Writers

In this type, the blog might not the primary source of income for the writer but is a value add to the current business by providing supplementary information.


Copywriters are known for writing logical and convincing information on a wide range of topics. They are able to break down complex information to educate the reader and induce him to take action. Copywriters usually write for websites, articles for blogs and printed media.

Content Writers

These writers specialize in generating content in any form. It could go from social media posts to designing quizzes and contests, they seem to do it all. They are also proficient when it comes to mastering SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and are also absolutely hands-on about what is trending on the internet including different social media sites.

Creative Writers

Though not much different from content writers, they usually write within a specific category and write for various platforms instead of their own blogs. Some of the examples of creative writers are:

  • Fashion Writers
  • Academic writers
  • Health Writers
  • Gender Studies Writers
  • Travel Writers
  • Food Writers
  • Literary Writers
  • Longform Writers


They write articles, papers, and at times even biographies but the original idea is not theirs. They are never actually credited for their work officially. The ideas/ outlines can be given by the client or from the agency that they work for. Ghostwriters should have impeccable research skills along with strong writing skills which makes them in demand in the industry. PR firms are known to hire them to create content which is later published in names of different celebrities and brands.


Journalists are writers who investigate current issues and events before sharing a report on them for the readers. They can be further categorized based on their specialization like entertainment, health, international news affairs, finance, etc.


They are actually the most famous type of writer after an author. Though they may seem invisible, they are vital for effective communication in any media and not just for cinema, TV, and radio. They ensure effective communication of the message to their audience through the medium chosen by them which can be podcasts, advertisements, movies, short films, etc.

Technical Writers

Technical writers cover two areas – one, of technology, and two, of explaining it to the non-technical reader. They understand the technology of the product in depth and by using their fluency with words, they help explain it’s working simply and well. Technical writers write in guides, FAQs, and manuals found online and in print.

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Type of Authors

Coming to authors, the various type of authors is evident the moment you walk into any bookstore where books are arranged as per their genre with the topmost or the front shelves usually displaying the bestsellers. These authors write in several genre like romance, mystery, thriller,etc. This is irrespective of the language they choose to write in and the mode of publishing. However, authors are primarily of four types:

Fiction Author

This is the largest category. Any writer whose book is fictitious and is telling a story falls in this category. This is where the author’s imagination runs wild and can span the length of the universe.

Non-fiction Author

Authors whose books are a collection of writings on different topics, travelogues, cookery books, etc. are all non-fiction authors. Their books are based on reality and the perception of life as we know it.

They could be experts who are sharing their knowledge with their essays and enriching the world with their thoughts.


To conclude, creative writing is essentially an art and anybody who dabbles in it is a writer. The forms might vary but at it’s heart it remains as the love for the written word.

In the famous words of the NY Times best-selling author Katherine Neville, ‘Write. Remember, people may stop you from being a published author but no one can stop you from being a writer. All you have to do is write. And keep writing. While you’re working at a career, while you’re raising children, while you are trout fishing – write. No one can stop you- but you!’

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Your passion is what makes your life worth living. If writing is your forte then this is the place for you.

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