Fiction Writing: How to Write a Fiction Story?

Writing is all about creativity and imagination, and fiction writing is one of the best ways to pour down all the creativity and imagination, is fiction writing. Fiction writing essentially refers to a type of literature that is based on the imagination of the author. The entire plot and characters of the story are built up by the author of the story. Thus, fiction writing acts as an escape for the author wherein he can completely flow into his emotions and imagination. This fiction writing can be conveyed via various mediums such as books, novels and films as well.

7 Types of Fiction Writing

Fictions are generally categorized on the basis of the ‘genre’. These generally include:

Literary fiction: These types of pieces are generally included as a ‘subject’ under the various English courses, and the plot generally revolves around typical English themes and literary devices.

Historical fiction: The stories of such fiction are generally based on real characters; however, the plot is fabricated by the author. Thus, the entire story can turn around by the creativity of the author.

Science fiction: Such types of stories generally revolve around ‘technology’ and ‘science’. They are based on the creativity of the author as to how can technology changes the world. These are really admired by people who are very inquisitive and curious in nature.

Mystery fiction: These are amongst the most popular type of fiction, which generally involve a lot of thrill, adventure and mystery. Such type of fiction is loved by people of all age groups.

Children’s fiction: Children’s fiction is another loved genre amongst people of all age groups. From toddlers to teenagers such types of fiction really keep one hooked up.

Fan fiction: This is a very unique type of fiction, wherein the reference is taken from other sources and then moulded in unique ways to create a new story.

Romance: This type of genre generally involves intense romantic situations, dialogues and relationships.

Elements that make fiction writing a ‘success’

There are six essential elements that if taken care of, can make a piece of fiction writing a ‘masterpiece’. These include:

1) Character: Since the entire story in fiction revolves around its ‘characters’. Thus, the characters should be given a lot of attention while writing the story. The characters must be portrayed in a way that they feel ‘real’ to the audience and the audience is able to connect to them. The writer should not only focus on the main character but also on all the other side characters as well. Further, while building upon the character one should also try to connect it with the real-life characters.

2) Plot: Plot essentially refers to the sequence in which the events flow throughout the story. Thus, the initial start, then the twists, the falls, and the rises, all of them add to the ‘plot’ of the story.

3) Setting: Setting generally refers to the time and location around which the entire story of the fiction is conceptualized. It completely depends upon the author whether he wants to keep a single set throughout the story or wants to change it multiple times.

4) Point of view: This includes the ‘form’ in which the author wishes to portray the story. This can be first, second or third form as well. This doesn’t sound like a really important element in fiction writing, but it eventually has a lot of impact on the reader’s mind. Writing fiction in the first form makes the reader feel more connected to the author, whereas writing it in the third form makes it more objective in nature.

5) Theme: This is the main ‘motive’ or ‘reason’ behind the author writing the story. Thus, deciding on a proper theme for fiction writing is very important. The theme is that element that puts all other elements together in place. Hence, sticking to a particular theme is very crucial in fiction writing.

6) Style: Though there isn’t any thumb rule behind the style that is to be followed by the author of the fiction writing. However, whichever style is chosen by the author, the entire story should be based on that style.

Mistakes to avoid as a fiction writer

  1. As a beginner, one shouldn’t try to be very slow on the story. Developing the story that slowly requires a lot of skill which can only be gained over a period of time. Thus, whatever the twist is, it needs to be brought up timely into the plot. This is also important to ensure that the reader doesn’t feel bored for quite long and just quit reading that piece of fiction writing.
  2. Each character of the story should be given ‘importance’. Though the author can make a distinction between the main characters and side characters, none of the characters should be ignored.
  3. A lot of focus should also be placed on the dialogue, It should feel that the dialogues are flowing naturally from the characters, they shouldn’t feel too ‘heavy’. A lot of this also depends on the relationships that exist amongst the characters.
  4. One of the essential features of ‘fiction writing’ is the suspense element. Thus, ideal fiction writing shouldn’t be too predictable. The author should feel curious to read it continuously.
  5. The emotions and the plots should be conveyed in innovative ways, rather than merely relying upon words. They should be portrayed via the actions and gestures of the characters of the story.
  6. Since fiction writing is all about the creativity and imagination of the author, thus the author shouldn’t follow any set pattern while jotting down fiction writing, The characters, the twists, the plot, and everything should flow naturally, only then can the audience feel relatable.
  7. Scenes shouldn’t be described with a lot of minute details until you are an expert at them.

How to Prepare for Fiction Writing?

There are a lot of basic steps that need to be ensured before beginning with fiction writing. This basic preparation acts as a really strong base while formulating the final draft of the fiction writing and thus needs to be done with a lot of attention.

The very step is to decide a ‘format’ that is to be followed throughout the story, secondly, this format must follow some idea or inspiration. Doing so ensures that the writing flows naturally. Further, one must keep a ‘writing journal’ all this while, this helps one to jot down the ideas as soon as they come into one’s mind. Once they are jotted down, then the author should focus on ‘brainstorming’ upon those ideas. This brainstorming should be based upon a lot of research so that only the finest of the ideas are put into the plot. This should further be followed by ‘mind mapping’ so that all the thoughts are placed in a proper sequence in the fiction writing.

At last, one should also focus on ‘observing’ around himself, this helps one to build more ideas and then work upon them accordingly. For this, one can also rely upon taking inspiration from various other sources as well.

How to Write Perfect Fiction Story?

As soon as one begins to write fiction, the first thing that one should be sure about is the plot and setting of the story. This generally includes a clear vision of the story that is to be put forth, the characters of the story

To ensure that the fiction writing turns out to be ‘perfect’, it is important that a proper ‘outline’ of the story is formed beforehand. Another thing that is to be kept in mind is to ‘keep writing’ since this helps a lot of ideas to come up and the creativity tends to flow in a better and more natural way.

Also, if you are a beginner at fiction writing, then writing in chunks really helps. It helps one to set shorter goals, work upon them and then move towards other goals. Further, it is also important to ensure that the characters and plot flow naturally. It shouldn’t feel like one is being adjusted in order to satisfy the other.

The most important thing is to be re-reading so as to understand if something is going wrong. This helps to keep a check on the plot throughout. Apart from that, it is also important to take sufficient breaks whenever required, this helps to ensure that unique ideas flow in. At last, thorough revisions are also important to ensure that everything is in place.


Fictions are a really great way of expressing the creativity of the authors, wherein they can put up all their imagination in every way. However, such writings are also known as one of the finest ways to put an impact on the minds of the readers. Thus, these stories should be written and presented in a way wherein it gives some moral to society and leaves the readers mesmerized.

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