Introduction to Screenwriting

Screenwriting or scriptwriting is the art of writing scripts for mass media. These can be for media, television or video games. It is a totally different form of writing wherein you are required to bring a character to life. The screenwriter has to make sure that the viewers are able to feel the connection with the character or the play as a whole.

Screenwriting requires a lot of training. Before starting to write a script, one must know in-depth about it. Following are the tips which can come in handy for a person writing his first screen script:

Crucial Tips for Beginners:

  1. Get inspiration: One of the most important things is to read other screens play and get inspiration from them. Reading various screenplays wouldn’t only be something you would enjoy but also would enhance your perspective to look at things. Every writer presents his writing in a different way. Reading multiple of them would give you an idea of how differently can you show your work.
  2. Don’t focus on only learning: Learning indeed plays a crucial role. But one should not just limit oneself to only learning. Practicing and learning from own mistakes is the best learning. If an individual just keeps on learning and doesn’t work on his own, then that learning goes mostly in vain. So writing is as important as learning, and one must focus on both equally.
  3. Choose your genre: one must be sure about what he wants to write. There exist multiple genres. One must choose the genre which he feels is the best for him. Genre choosing can be very intensive. One must have to look for the genre that’s most trending and also make sure that he’s comfortable writing in it. Neither a combination of trending genres with poor writing would work, nor would a combination of good writing with poor genre work. The writer has to fix an ideal balance between them.
  4. Create a plot: Creating a plot is by far the most crucial step. Herein the writer needs to list down the main crux of his idea. This would include the main idea itself, the name of the protagonist and the main storyline. Basically, here the writer must pen down all the basics of his plan.
  5. Pitch your idea: Another crucial thing is pitching your idea. The writer must try to pitch his idea to someone. While making a script to do this, the writer would himself get to know the flaws, and in turn, improvise them. Not just this, the listener would also pass on his comments on the play, and these comments can surely come in handy. So if a person pitches his idea to 20 people, he gets 20 different points of view on his same play. It can be a great way to improvise the script.
  6. Starting part is crucial: As it is said, the first impression is the last impression. I believe, though it’s not the last one, it is a crucial one. The way you start your play is imperative. If the starting is lame and monotonous, then the reader wouldn’t even look at your whole work. To make sure that your complete work is read, you need to make sure that you start off the thing good. If you manage to get the reader’s attention in the very beginning, then it’s likely that he would continue it till the end.
  7. Write and re-write: Chances of getting a perfect draft in the first go are actually minimal. Don’t rest yourself after you complete a draft. Read it again and again. It would increase the chances of changes and make the whole work better.

Screenwriting is not just about writing a script. It varies from type to type. For instance, a person writing a script for a movie or a play would write differently from a person writing for a video game. It was just an example. Screenwriting varies drastically for each type. Herein the writer needs to make sure that there exists a connection between the viewers and the characters. The responsibility of bringing a character to life lies in the hands of the writer. Reviews provided by the consumers is a reflection of how good the draft is. Looking at the reviews, the writer can adjust his content accordingly.

Writing a script is indeed a hideous task. It involves a lot of technicalities. As discussed above, one needs to choose his genre and also take care of the mentioned points. Nowadays, people are consuming more and more content: like web series, movies and also video games. Undoubtedly, the future would need many more scriptwriters as the demand is continuously rising. So, writers can surely look forward to this area closely.

Before starting to write a script, the writer must know in-depth about it. He must be sure about what he’s writing and what are the technicalities involved. But learning anything new is tedious. Talking about screenwriting, it’s even cumbersome. To make the process easier, unluclass has come up with their online course for writing.

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