Techniques To Improve Writing

Writing in a journal and writing for a novel is not quite similar in nature, because it requires the writer to communicate the exact same feeling, the perspective, the idea to the reader while writing a novel. On the other hand, in a journal, the writer writes to express themselves in a better way and probably looks back to their writing twice or thrice in a lifetime. Writing in a journal is meant to be personal hence it might be easier to write in a journal than to write a novel because, unlike a journal, a novel is meant to recreate everything inside for the reader. Here are some techniques to improve one’s writing skills

It is okay to have jumbled thoughts while writing, but for someone to understand the exact meaning of one’s writing, one should know how to bring some order to those jumbled thoughts. Jumbled thoughts can only make sense inside the writer’s head.

Firstly, a writer should be clearheaded towards the concepts they are writing about. One should set some goals before writing and achieve them at the end of the time they have arranged according to their routine. It should be clear to the writer what they want to communicate exactly or else it is going to be difficult while writing what to portray and serve to the reader.

Secondly, one might have to write from various perspectives, there are multiple complex things going on in one particular scene. So, in order to communicate that to the reader properly, one should be able to outline the complexities of the scene, jot down the important stuff and make quick notes about the topic one wants to cover. This habit will improve writing and, will make one think in the same format before coming up with any ideas.

While writing, the writer must not forget that the reader may be unaware of things that the writer is aware of. The writer should know how to keep themselves in the reader’s shoes and ask questions and write accordingly.

The writer must know that every piece of information they come up with is not essential or is not of importance for the novel or the story. One should have organised thoughts and ideas that have to be communicated and must not delve into over-explaining details which might make it difficult and boring for the reader to understand.

Writers must be aware of repetitive words in their vocabulary that do not contribute to the story. One should try to eliminate them and have a strong vocabulary to replace them with words that add more meaning and essence to the story.

Along with this, A Writer must be able to switch back to simpler words when a conversation is being mentioned in the story. According to John Grisham said there are three types of words,” words we know, words we should know, and words nobody knows. Forget those in the third category and use restraint with those in the second”. There is a difference between having a rich vocabulary and just adding on words to show off. Keeping one’s language conversational yet simple is key. Practising writing will add conviction to one’s delivery of words and sentences. It makes the writing interesting to read.

One of the most important technique to improve one’s writing is determining the setting, a time period around the plot, and the writer should have thorough knowledge about the setting. Research before writing is a must. In addition to this, while writing fictional stories/ novels, it is necessary for a writer to divide the story into exposition, rising action, climax and falling action. There should be a word limit to what one has to write as iit assists in precision.

Having a mentor would help immensely by keeping a track of the progress, providing constant motivation and guiding one in their journey to write well. Writing courses available online are too of great help in these times. Not only this, but online courses would add to one’s knowledge of writing, offer flexibility and brush up the budding talent.

Last but not the least, one should not hide their personality while writing, it’s obvious while writing in a professional setting but letting the personality of a writer shine through their writing style adds uniqueness and originality to the piece. Practising writing and setting goals for oneself can be a start.

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