The Angry River Book Summary

The main theme of the Angry River’s summary is based on nature itself. It is an amazing story describing the hardships faced by a young girl who refused to bend down against the odds and continued to move forward even in hard times.

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The angry river by Ruskin bond is a story of a young, brave and poor girl named Sita who lives with her grandparents on a deserted island located in the middle of a river which originates from the mountain and submerges into a sea. They live in a small house on the island which is made up of mud and remains under constant danger of submergence in water whenever the island faces heavy rains. They lead their life in a very simple lifestyle where they didn’t have much but lived happily and peacefully with each other. In the rainy season, the river in front of their house becomes excessively violent and frowzy which sometimes leads to cause a flood on the island. The last time a flood happened was a long time ago nearly about 20 years Sita lives with her grandparents on that island for the last 10 years. Hence in their period of stay, they never faced any such threat of flood.

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During this monsoon, the island was having a lot of rainfall for many days and it caused the danger of floods on the island. On one such day, the grandmother of Sita was suffering from a high fever due to which her condition was deteriorating with time because of which she had to leave the island along with Sita’s grandfather in a boat in order to visit a city hospital which is located on the other side of the river at Shahganj along with three goats. Sita was left alone in the house as there was no other house on that rocky hill. While leaving they instructed Sita to stay inside the house only until and unless it is absolutely necessary. Her grandparents also warned her that in case of heavy rainfall and if the water in the river becomes too violent, she must climb a tree in order to reach a safe spot far away from the angry river.

As instructed, she was on the lookout consistently, looking for any steep rise in the level of water in the absence of her grandparents. Sita after seeing the violent river hushed inside the house and when the water started to come inside the hut she packed all important items, clothes, ration along with her favourite things into a wooden trunk and climbed up the peepul tree which was in front of their house to reach the safe stop as instructed by her grandfather. However, after climbing up the tree she remembers that in moments of panic and hurry she forgot her favourite doll which was made up of rugs named Mamta in the house itself and was devastated by the fact. She starts repenting for her doll which was flown away in flood before her eyes. She also observes the things from people’s houses and dead cattle flowing with the high currents of the river led to the destruction caused by the angry river summary which left many villagers stranded on the island over the river. In the moment of great sorrow, she becomes nostalgic and starts remembering her young life and all the good and happy moments that she spent on the island with the doll. In her darkest moments, her eyes fall upon a crow who was also struggling because of the floods. She realised that the crow was constantly trying to rescue its nest from the violent water. In the Angry River summary, it can be ascertained that Sita was moved and inspired by the courage, determination and persistence shown by the crow to protect its nest.

The heavy rains submerge the hut and uproot the tree making it afloat in the river due to which Sita shivers from fear of drowning but soon after a boy came all her way up in a small boat to rescue her. The boy introduces himself as Krishan and offers sweet mangoes to Sita once they row away from the midstream far away from the danger and takes her to a village. Sita loved those mangoes and describe them as the sweetest mangoes she had ever in her life. Before leaving Krishan gives a flute to Sita and asks her to take care of it and promises her that he will come back again to visit her on the island. They both enjoyed their little time spent together on the boat eating mangoes and talking which created a desire in the heart of Sita to see Krishan once again. From the village, Sita managed to reach Shahganj where she comes to know about the sad truth in respect of her grandmother that she died. She becomes sad and agitated from the news and more after realising the fact that her grandfather must be feeling lonely in the absence of her grandmother but later decides to stay bold even in the event of great tragedy.

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Once the cruel river subsides, she returns to the island along with her grandfather to continue her life without her two favourite things i.e., her grandmother and her doll Mamta, where she starts to rebuild her house again with great passion with the help of her grandfather. She decides to replace the uproot peepul tree and in place of that she planted seeds of mango in the same place. Later, after three months the boy who saved Sita’s life, Krishan visits her and teaches her how to play the flute which he gifted her earlier in the angry river summary.

The story is all about determination to overcome hard comings in life, courage and the main character of the angry river summary story depicts the same that she didn’t lose hope and her will to move forward in her life.

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Ruskin Bond is one of the most famous authors of children’s books. An iconic Indian writer, his extremely enjoyable style of writing has made books written by Ruskin Bond a huge hit all across the world. Most of the Ruskin Bond books are influenced by his life spent in the hill stations of India, especially his experiences while living in Dehradun. Having experimented with many different genres, Ruskin Bond books for kids will always remain his favorite writing style.

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