Understand How to Write a Perfect English Paragraph with Example?

What is Paragraph Writing? A paragraph is a sequence of related sentences that makes perfect sense. We divide a lengthy essay or letter into paragraphs for easier comprehension and to create a well-structured piece of writing. Paragraph writing on any issue involves not only conveying your opinions on the given topic but also organizing your ideas and making it easy for the reader to follow. In English paragraph writing, it is vital to pay close attention to the writing style, that is, the flow and connection between the phrases.

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To eliminate any interruptions when reading, an English paragraph must be written in straight forward language. Referring to the examples provided below will help you to create a paragraph on any subject without difficulty.

How to write a paragraph?

To establish how to write a English paragraph, you must pick a suitable subject and gather sufficient information about it. Once you have discovered the supporting elements, you can begin constructing the sentences, connecting them in a logical order, and finding the ideal conclusion phrase. We’ve provided a few samples of paragraph writing for your reference so that you can better grasp the concept. Before moving on to an example, let us see the paragraph writing format.

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  • Find a Subject or a topic sentence: This is the opening sentence of an introduction to the subject at hand. It provides an overview of what the paragraph will discuss. So the topic sentence should be able to clearly define what the paragraph is going to be about.
  • Supporting details: These are the details that may be gathered from a variety of sources and serve as support. It consists of relevant material that provides substantial support for the primary topic.
  • Closing phrase: This sentence serves as the conclusion of the paragraph and restates its main argument. It is essentially the ending statement that summarizes the whole subject.

An excellent paragraph may be produced if it is well-researched and contains adequate, relevant information. The paragraph should have a solid introductory sentence, a well-researched or well-explained subject description, and a decent ending statement that summarizes the whole paragraph. The opening and conclusion are essential for constructing a whole paragraph, but the middle support is the essential element. Let’s examine each of the three components of a good paragraph in further detail.

Introduction/Topic Sentence/Subject for writing paragraph

Typically, you will compose a paragraph about a certain subject. Your instructor will ask a question or provide a prompt (a sentence or question to help you think about ideas for a paragraph). Your first phrase should explicitly answer the question or make a clear comment about the prompt. Here are some samples of subject phrases and prompts.

Prompt: If you are writing a paragraph in response to a specific question, such as “You have decided to select a team. Which team do you choose and why?” or “Describe your favorite season of the year,” you must carefully consider the question and ensure that you precisely answer it, rather than veering off-topic.

Assess the subject you are being required to write about or have chosen to write about and consider the most pertinent thoughts to that issue. As paragraphs are often brief, it is essential to ensure that you include all the key points without straying from the subject.

If your paragraphs are part of a bigger essay, creating an essay outline might assist you in defining the main ideas and objectives of each paragraph.

Topic sentence: so if you are asked which is your favorite season

You can start with, “Among different seasons Autumn season has always fascinated me.”

Each example provides a crystal-clear response to the question or suggestion. Now the reader understands the topic of the paragraph. If he likes the topic sentence or can grasp the idea, the reader will be interested in continuing reading. The next stage is to provide an explanation or rationale for your response.

Support Sentences for writing paragraph

Once you have provided your response in the subject phrase, you must explain (give more information about the same).

Once you have produced your subject sentence and are satisfied with it, you may finish out the remainder of your paragraph. Ensure that your paragraph is cohesive, which implies that it is simple to read and comprehend, that each phrase flows into the next, and that the whole paragraph flows well. To do this, strive to create concise, uncomplicated phrases that precisely convey your meaning.

Before writing the supporting material, make sure you have a complete understanding of the topic or subject matter and have done complete research. Once you have a deeper understanding of the topic you want to cover in your paragraph, you can begin arranging your ideas by jotting them down on a notepad or word document. Just scribble down some keywords and phrases for now; there’s no need to put out whole sentences. Once you see everything on paper, you may have a better understanding of which points are necessary to include in your paragraph and which are redundant.

Connect each sentence with transitional phrases that provide a bridge from one to the next. Transition words may assist you in comparing and contrasting, illustrating sequence, demonstrating cause and effect, emphasizing key points, and transitioning seamlessly from one thought to the next. Such transitional phrases include “in addition to,” “in reality,” and “furthermore.” Additionally, you may apply chronological transitions such as “firstly,” “secondly,” and “thirdly.”

Let us continue the previous example:-

“Autumn marks the transition from summer to winter, since it occurs between the two seasons. Autumn arrives at various times in various parts of the globe. This season spans the months of September through November in India. Each season has its own noteworthy events. Autumn is also known as ‘fall’ due to the fact that leaves begin to fall from trees during this season. Due to the lack of precipitation, leaves begin to evaporate and then fall, while new leaves emerge in the winter.”

Conclusion for writing paragraph

The conclusion is the last section of a strong paragraph. This is the last sentence of the paragraph. When ending a phone conversation, one does not just cease speaking. You always take the time to say farewell. A conclusion is analogous. There are many methods to compose a conclusion. The simplest method is to reiterate the concept from your subject phrase in a manner that precisely concludes the topic.

The more difficult way to write a conclusion is to make the reader think more about the topic or suggest an action.

The challenging conclusion is usually more intriguing, but if you can’t think of a suitable finish for your paragraph, the simple conclusion is always acceptable.

A concluding sentence could be-

“As the season for appreciating nature’s marvels, autumn generates a great deal of vigour and excitement among people.”

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Paragraph Form

Finally, let’s talk about how a paragraph should look. Look at this paragraph about social media, its pros and cons.

“Social media is a platform that is gaining popularity due to its user-friendly characteristics. Social media networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others enable individuals to interact over great distances. In other words, social media puts the whole world at our fingertips. The young is notably one of the most prevalent social media users. All of this makes one believe that anything so potent and with such a vast reach cannot be entirely positive as there are always two sides to a coin, so there are two sides to social networking too.”

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After you are done writing your paragraph, the final tip is to review it and locate for all the possible errors. This way you will be able to write a great paragraph. I hope this will make English paragraph writing easy for you.

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