Understand Your Audience and Engaging Them as An Author

If you really want to succeed as a top selling author, or a reader’s favorite, you need to realize and understand your target audience. This includes the reader’s age group, interests, lifestyle, social position and in a lot of cases their gender. There’s no doubt that all such groups statistically prefer a different type of books. So researching well, and finding a common ground plays a critical role.

In attempt to engage the readers, you need to offer relatability in your writing. The story, novel or simply ‘topic’ that you have, must click with the readers. This includes genres and styles such as drama or romance. And in fact, non-fiction topics where the readers would like to imagine themselves as a part of the story.

-What’s on top:
Research on what’s going on in the literary world at the moment, which books are the top sellers, what is the hot topic among youngsters. Basically, know your market. This will help you narrow down your writing towards a place with much more scope of being successful.

Once you’ve decided the story, you’re willing to work on, and who your target audience is going to be, all you need to do is write accordingly. Go simple with easy to read and understandable writing in case it’s going to be a children’s book. 

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