What is Novel Writing: An Overview

Are you the person who feels inspired to write after reading a novel but has not found the way yet? Fret not because Unlu is here with its one-in-a-million writing course which will not only improve your writing but will also provide you with the right kind of exposure.

Writing a novel involves getting in touch with many essential components. This course will bring all of that to you in one place and will give you the best learning experience. It is more than just classroom sessions and study manuals. The writing course is fully packed with interactive, live sessions with some of the best teachers and collaborators.

So, let’s get into the details and understand the various steps to writing a novel that is relatable and much cherished by its readers.

What is novel writing?

The task of writing a novel involves narrating a story at length and including complexity, suspense, and an engaging storyline along with interconnected characters. The art of writing a novel is intense and requires creativity and open-mindedness. A writer has to form an interesting chain of events that connect the plot, characters, and audience.

Taking a course to learn this style is not just essential but is also the smart way to become an established writer. The process involves getting in touch with the basics of writing and acquainting oneself with the different genres, styles, and ways of presenting ideas to form a story.

This can be best achieved by enrolling in a course that provides constant support from mentors and guides who are an expert in the field. Not just the basic study guides and materials, lern by interacting with peers, discussing the work with experts and getting recommendations and reviews to improve your novel.

What are the steps involved in novel writing?

The task of writing a novel is not the easiest but with the right mindset and direction, it becomes doable. Here, in this section, we will look at some interesting ways and understand the steps involved in writing a novel that holds millions together.

  • Ideation: This is where one starts from. This step is crucial and primary and involves coming up with ideas for the novel’s structure. The writer must take this time and effectively utilize it to come up with ideas and base the storyline on it. The ideas can be discussed in a writer’s group as well to get recommendations.
  • Build characters: Once the ideas have been thought of, the writer must focus on including different characters in the novel. At this stage, the role of each character must be established and a relationship between them must be formed. This helps in forming a structure and including different characters in the novel at the right time.
  • Developing a Plot: Once the characters have been formed, the story’s plot can be worked upon. It can include a classic opening, ups and downs in the middle, and finally, end with a climax. This is just as important as it decides whether a reader will be able to connect with the story or not. The best plots hold the readers’ attention from the beginning till the end.
  • Finding an appropriate point of view: Choosing the point of view is entirely the writer’s choice but forms an important step of the process. If the novel is written from the first person’s perspective, the character is also the narrator. If it is written in the second person, ‘you’ is used to address. Similarly, the third person can also be used.
  • Perfect Ending: A novel does not need to have a happy ending but its sure has to be the best possible one. Writing the perfect ending can make or break the reader’s experience and so, it is of utmost importance that the writer concludes the novel in the right way. It must put everything in the right perspective and could leave the readers waiting for more.

There are always some basic necessities that need to be covered before one can move on to the next thing. To start writing a novel, there are some essentials that can ease the process. The process of writing a novel can be tiresome and very engaging. So, it is very important to keep in check and practice ways to stay refreshed and active.

Now we will discuss some ways by which one can start writing a novel.

  • The first and foremost step is to get in touch with what inspires us. This can include reading the work of established and popular writers. Getting in touch with some good novels beforehand could strike creativity and inspiration and boost the ideation process.
  • Another way is to note down the various aspects of novel writing. The list can include plots, themes, styles, and possible approaches that can essentially attract readers’ attention.
  • Researching and getting in touch with different genres can also be fruitful. One can choose to write in any specific genre but keeping in touch with other genres also helps in having a wider perspective.

Can novel writing be taught?

If a writer is interested and dedicated to writing a never-read-before sort of novel, taking up a course or classes can be extremely beneficial. It is perfectly normal to seek help and assistance whenever required and can eventually result in a best-selling novel publication.

The writing course at Unlu aims to provide the right balance between teaching and experimenting. It gives the writers adequate space for growth and exploration and brings to them many life-changing opportunities. The art of writing a great novel can be developed over time with the right support. The writers can derive inspiration from the faculty and peers and learn the best ways to write.

Some types of novels

Like any other piece of writing, there are many types of novels as well. Each one serves a different purpose and caters to a different audience. A writer can choose the kind that they resonate with and focus on their niche. Let’s look at some types of novels and get to know about their structure and development.

  • Historical: The novels belonging to this type showcase the events and plots that occurred in the past. This provides a readymade plot and also the characters and are relatively easy for a writer to compile everything.
  • Picaresque: This type focuses on a character, often termed as the hero of the story, and describes in detail its adventures and doings in the form of episodes. These are written at length and each episode often presents a complete story.
  • Epistolary: Such novels present the storyline in a series of continuous events. Including letters or diary entries, these novels form a very enriching and inclusive reading experience.
  • Autobiographical: Focusing on the life story of the author, these novels portray the author as the protagonist and accounts details of their life. Such novels act as a source of inspiration and provide many insights into a person’s life.

About the writing course

It is abundantly clear what novel writing is and that the process can be mastered with enough practice and guidance. The writing course by Unlu focuses on providing one-to-one lessons with lifetime access.

The community serves its purpose well and acts as a source of deriving inspiration and motivation. The workshops focus on effective learning and make for an enriching experience for the learners.

It offers a platform where one can dream and fulfil them. The learners get to form meaningful connections for life and get the best of everything. So, stop waiting and start enrolling.

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