WriteForLove’s Triumph: Stories that Stole the Show and Our Hearts

In a world where stories breathe life into our thoughts and emotions, the culmination of the WriteForLove Contest marks a moment of profound celebration. With the echo of virtual applause still resonating in the air, we gathered virtually on 06th August 23 at 03:15 PM to commemorate the successful culmination of the WriteForLove Contest Winners Announcement Event.

From the anticipation of the event’s opening moments to the heartwarming announcements, participants and viewers alike shared in the excitement of discovering the winners’ names. Despite being physically distant, the event united us in our shared love for storytelling and the written word.

The success of the event wouldn’t have been possible without the presence and contributions of every participant who made this event an unforgettable experience with their virtual presence. Whether your story made it to the winners’ circle or not, your presence added to the vibrant tapestry of this event. Your passion for storytelling and your courage to share your creativity with the world are commendable. Each story shared has left an impression, and your virtual presence has made this event truly special.

Now it’s a moment of jubilation as we extend our heartfelt congratulations to the winners whose narratives have left an indelible mark on our hearts. A resounding applause to the winners of the WriteForLove Contest! In particular order here’s the winners list:

  • Dr. Harneet Kaur – Lil Runner
  • Prabhnoor Gill – Feuillemorte Dreams
  • Hema Savithri – The Moon Flower
  • Nupur Parasrampuria – Odds And Wins
  • Somreeta Das – Rendezvous on New Year’s Eve
  • Elvira Fernandez – Plain Vanilla Love
  • Riya Malik – Love At The Doorstep
  • Aboli Mane – #No StoryTitle
  • Keroline D Cunha – Priya and Sneha
  • Nandini Sengupta – All for love
  • Ria Dutta – A Love Like No Other
  • Suman Ray – A Raindrop Of Love
  • Shikha Prajwal – A Silence Spree
  • Urmi – Haripada
  • Varunika Rajput – Idly Aunty
  • Sumira – Just Playing the Part
  • Nandhita – Let’s Forget Love
  • Pradeep Tandon – Selfless Love
  • Aisha Iqbal – Story of Summer
  • Anwesha Mitra – Meeting Love

Through your narratives, you’ve transported us to distant realms, introduced us to captivating characters, and reminded us of the beauty and depth that stories can bring to our lives. Your achievements are a testament to your dedication and creativity.

As we celebrate the conclusion of this event formally, let’s not forget the connections and memories forged in the virtual sphere. Writers, readers, and enthusiasts from various walks of life came together to celebrate a shared passion. The event showcased the unity that comes from the love of words and the stories they tell.

As we close this chapter, let’s carry the inspiration and camaraderie forward in our individual writing journeys. This contest has reminded us that no matter the distance, our shared love for stories will always bring us closer together!


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