10 Easiest Musical Instruments to Learn

Music can be a source of positivity and energy in a person’s life. And learning music can be exciting yet challenging at any age in life. To learn any new instrument does not have to be a difficult task and there are a lot of instruments available today can be learned pretty easily and quickly. Even though there are some instruments that require years of training and hard work, while others can be learned just like any other side hobby.

People have the access to music all the time. Whether to listen or to learn, there is no limit to the resources available online. Unlu online learning platform can be great way to start learning even for the beginners or for experienced. Let us look at the 10 musical instruments easiest to learn in this article.

  1. Ukulele – This modern instrument is considered to be the easiest to learn and play. It looks like a guitar’s baby and has only 4 strings to be strung instead of 6 strings in a Guitar. Learning this instrument will allow you to further transition to Guitar or Violin in case you want to expand your musical horizon. Learning this instrument won’t burn a hole in your pocket either as it is completely self-taught.

In case you are starting earlier and find it difficult to move your hand across the neck of the Ukulele while playing different chords, you could also opt for the concert Ukulele which has a shorter neck. All you need is just 30-40 minutes of practice for a few days before you become a pro at this.

  1. Harmonica – Also known as the mouth organ or the French Harp, it is a mini m=sized instrument that anybody can easily handle and learn. All it takes to play the instrument is to control and modulate the air you blow from your mouth into it. It is also widely used across a variety of musical genres from rock music to classical or country sounds.

This is the instrument for learners of all ages and at any skill level. The notes to be played are already a part of the instrument as a result of its design. So, there is a lesser chance for you to hit a bad note or sound bad.

  1. Keyboard – It might come right under a common conception that a keyword or a piano is not easy to learn and takes years to practice to be able to play the simplest tunes. But that is not entirely true. In fact, people often find keyword the easiest and the most engaging musical instrument to play. Just by using the singular keys, anybody can start playing basic tunes with simpler chords.

Another great advantage is that the size of the keyboard is comparatively smaller than that of a piano allowing learners to get a better grip along with just the same sound effects. It also uses pre-recorded sounds such as drums, chords, dogs, people, violin, etc. Playing keyword could also allow easy transition to piano someday and brings great coordination between both the hands.

  1. Cajon – This instrument originated from Peru and can be simply put as a hollow wooden box. Just like you play drums, here you produce sound by striking and tapping different areas on the same surface to produce higher or lower notes. Different type of wood and the size of the box and the hollow inside would lead to changes in the origination of sounds as well.

Normally it is made with solid wood or ply wood. Some modern changes also include attaching strings on the inside of the box to produce different notes. The instrument is played with bare hands, fingers and sometimes mallets, sticks, and brushes as also used.

  1. Tambourine – There can barely be any other instrument easier than this to play and learn. But at the same time, it is a lot more than just beating the instrument with the other hand. It requires the right speed of the hand and balance to get the best sounds out of it. The thing is that if you lag by even a second or shake it just one extra time, the entire beat will be messed up.

The right jingling of the metal sheets will bring the right sound. Also, by hitting the central skin of this instrument an added percussion sound can be created but that takes a lot more time and practice. But the central skin is not present in all the tambourines.

  1. Tin Whistle – This is the easiest woodwind instrument to learn. Yes, that is correct. Despite that name it falls under the woodwind family of instruments. It has 6 specific holes and the air blown into it can be controlled through them to hit different notes and produce an entire range of music.

The art is not only to master the art of fingering and controlling air through these holes. There are other things in the picture as well such as how hard to blow and how to mould your tongue properly to produce the right sound. This, however, could take some time and practice to get it right.

  1. The Lyre Harp – It looks exactly like a regular harp just smaller. It has only about 7-10 strings and is a lot more portable and comfortable. For playing merry sounds on this instrument, you will have to gently pluck the strings. This is why you will need to move your fingers faster without worrying about the chords.

The sound of the instrument is soothing and relaxing to the human ears. It is not possible to find a lyre harp player as easily as you may find a guitarist or a drummer. Learning this instrument can be very easily conducted from the comfort of your home and free online lectures.

  1. Drums – We are all well versed with the concept of drums. Even though there are multiple drums and plates, it might take some time to figure out the coordination between the instruments and your hands. Still, learning a new beat will not be very intimidating.

Playing drums on a professional level can be tricky and requires a lot of technical skills and hard work. But as a novice player, you can start with a drum kit. Good timing and the right combination will yield the best rhythm. Keep in mind the four beats of the bar and stay on time with the hi-hat.

  1. Saxophone – It is the easiest beginner friendly instrument to learn Jazz music. The best part about learning this instrument is that you do not have to ’hear the note’ to play it unlike in other Jazz instruments such as the Trumpet.

You can easily handle the notes by hitting the right keys on a saxophone. Also, the lipping in a trumpet is much more complicated than in a saxophone. In order to achieve

Significant results, it is important to practice at least for half an hour a day. This makes this instrument easier than the others to learn and play.

  1. Acoustic Guitar – This might look like a ukulele, but an acoustic guitar is better suited for adults who wish to learn a new instrument. The size is more appropriate for adults while the children could start with a much easier choice, a ukulele. Also, if you are someone who finds patterns fascinating and can pick them up easily then playing a guitar would be very intuitive and be a great way to express yourself.

You will always have the choice to learn the technicalities and scales or the chords first. You can also start straight away with your favourite songs and learn what is necessary alongside. The scales and music theory would be really helpful when learning to play a guitar and save you from memorizing the chord progressions.

Guitars are generally suited better to people with longer fingers and bigger hands but that is not a mandatory requirement. The Acoustic guitar is the easiest of them all to learn and begin with.


There is an easy musical instrument to start with for every person who is willing to learn and start their musical journey. There are several easier alternatives and options to choose from as per your taste and comfort. The best part is that when starting with any one of the above-mentioned easiest instruments, there is no fear of going wrong. You can only learn and grow from here.

But it is also important to understand that learning a new skill demands a lot of dedication and patience. For any age group, giving up or not taking things seriously would produce no outcome. In case you are confused about which instrument to pick first, look do as your heart says and see what kind of music do you like. You will definitely find your answer. The best way to start is to get started so don’t wait anymore.

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