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5 Basics to Improve Comedy Techniques

1. Be Clear:
In an initial scene, try to answer why, where or how in your first couple of lines itself. You need to be clear on the statement that you’re giving to your partner to continue and do their part on. This way they will be able to do their part more confidently and successfully.

2. Continuity:
The classic “Yes, and…” concept always works the best. You don’t have to deliver punchlines straight away. Try to add things to your partner’s statements and establish and maintain a buildup. If done right, the anticipation will mostly make yours or your partner’s punchline work better.

3. Object Work
You can always elevate the performance by adding the use of a prop or two. Or if there’re no props available, the good old hand gestures can do wonders. For example, holding an imaginary beer mug or a cigarette often works great and adds to the theatrical aspect of the performance.

If there’s a style of comedy that suits perfectly in improv, it’s absurd or surreal comedy. Don’t be afraid to deliver ridiculous nonsense, which you think and are confident about saying. A sudden random line can become the center point of the whole set. This could also be a huge saviour if the set isn’t going well.

5.Relationship with the Partner
Work on the relationship with your partners. Create a realistic or absurd relationship, whichever you think will fetch out more laughter. The classic boss-employee or dad-son relationships are good for starters.