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6 Tips for Film Directors

  1. Be honest with yourself:
    Be honest with yourself, be it regarding the script, actors, or your crew. Do not hesitate to accept the flaws in any of them. The first step towards improvement is to know what’s wrong or could be better. Other than that, be realistic and keep your schedule and budgeting in mind when making decisions.
  2. Practice Projects:
    Everything you do with the camera is practice and will eventually add up to main work. Don’t hesitate to pick up small, college short films. Having regular work will make you more and more fluent with the process, and you’ll also feel confident and will know how to handle things when an important project shows up.
  3. Planning/Scheduling:
    As a beginner, you probably won’t have a big budget. So, planning and scheduling plays a vital role, put extra efforts in planning your work calendar and keep back up ideas if things go sideways, which they will. You also must make your team understand the importance of being punctual. It is all very crucial for a smooth film-making process.
  4. Teamwork:
    The team members should understand their role properly and know that the final output will be a representation of their name and work. Assigning work properly is very important from both ends. Apart from technical instruction, a talented director also keeps their team’s morale up. There’s nothing like a highly motivated team working towards the same direction.
  5. Derive Inspiration:
    Watch more and more movies to learn different ways of direction. Not just movies, watch TV series, music videos, festival recordings, and you might get new ideas for your film direction.
    Don’t limit yourself when it comes to inspiration.
  6. Festivals:
    There are many festivals around the world that welcome noncommercial films made by debutant directors and screen and promote them. Do your research and mark these festivals on your calendar and start approaching them with your movies. One screening can put your film in the spotlight and get you the exposure that you need!

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