5 Reasons Why Tennis Is The Best Sport

Why is Tennis the best sport?

“You only live once, but you get to serve twice!”

Tennis is a very popular sport and is played by people of all ages. Tennis can be played as a sport or as a recreational activity with friends and family. Either way, playing tennis is a good sport to maintain your health, fitness, strength and agility

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Other than the usuals, there is something about this game which makes it stand out. Professional sportsmen as well as common people enjoy playing this sport. But there is a lot more to tennis than just fun! There are a number of benefits and facts which can prove tennis to be one of the best sports.

This article will explore some reasons which will show us why tennis is considered to be the best sport. Keep reading to know about these reasons in detail!

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1. Tennis Is Very Affordable.

Some sports are very high in expense and maintenance charges. Luckily, tennis is not one of them! You can have all the fun and take advantage of all the pros for minimal costs.

You have to invest in buying the equipment and footwear. People can take lessons if they wish to. Once you are done with that, you’re good to go! All you have to do is find a tennis court and play your favourite sport for as long as you want!

Tennis is known as a rich-man sport. However, with the required initial investment in the start, you can make it cheap for yourself further on.

Being more affordable makes it one of the best sport to opt for.

2. Tennis Is A Great Full Body Workout.

Every sport can be considered to be a workout for our body. But there is something that sets tennis apart from others. It is one of the sports involving anaerobic activity as well as great enjoyment while playing.

A player has to continuously stay in motion to play tennis. Resultantly, they use every muscle in their body. Apart from that, there is inclusion of short sprints in playing tennis. Moreover, there are changes in motion and direction in various different angles all the time.

If someone has the motive of losing weight, then tennis is a great choice for that person. It is proven that an hour long match of tennis can burn upto 1000 calories. This helps in weight loss. It can also help in toning the calves, hamstrings, biceps, triceps and shoulders and make your body more defined.

Then constant physical movement leads to a great workout for the whole body. In addition, it strengthens the muscles and increases stamina. The overall health of the player is benefitted by playing tennis on a daily basis.

3. Tennis Has Minimum Risk Of Injuries.

No sport can be played without the risk of injuries. However, tennis is one of the safest sports in the world. There are very few other sports as famous as tennis, which have such low risks of injuries.

Back issues and elbow injuries are common while playing tennis. But there are no serious injuries that happen to players while playing a decent game of tennis.

Several other injuries and issues are common in other sports which cause serious damage. On the other hand, tennis is very safe and doesn’t cause any high level of injury to the player.

Tennis involves lesser risks for injuries, and hence is one of the best sport.

4. Tennis Is A Very Flexible Sport.

Tennis Can Be Played –

(a) Anytime and Anywhere : Tennis is one of the most flexible sports out there. You can play it anytime and anywhere. There are a number of tennis courts near you. A person can play tennis anytime he wants to and have a fun game session.

Throughout the Year : One more point proving the flexibility of this sport is the time to play tennis. You can play it whenever you wish all year round. Summer is the peak season to play tennis. However, it can be played in any season or month of the year!

By All Ages : An interesting fact about tennis is that people of all age groups can play and enjoy the game of tennis. A lot of sports demand high physical strength, but tennis is not one of them. You can alter and adapt your own playing style. This makes it suitable for all ages, from being a kid till your retirement age, and even after that!

5. Tennis Requires Both Mental And Physical Skills, And Improves Them Both.

Along with involving the physical factors, there are a number of mental abilities required to play tennis. From the first serve that requires total focus, to winning the game being attentive throughout, it requires a lot of mental skill.

Out of the two players playing tennis, the one with good mental ability is more likely to win the game. That is because mental presence and skill application is equally important for tennis as the physical aspects.

Tennis is considered to be a tough mental sport. However, along with demanding mental and physical skills, tennis is constantly improving them as well. A player becomes smarter and fitter with every game played. It’s the whole journey that makes the player more and more connected to the sport.

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