The 7 Must Know Tips for Playing Tennis in the Wind

The wind can often be frustrating while playing Tennis. No doubt it can significantly affect your game mentally and physically. It tests the players and their judgments about how they deal with the wind and use it to their advantage. But you can console yourself a little with the fact that both (you and your opponent) are facing the same wind and dealing with the same amount of difficulty.

It’s difficult for both players to play when it is really windy out there. So, don’t let that get you down emotionally. Don’t let that bring your confidence level down and get you negative.

Here are seven tips for playing tennis in the wind which will help you to improve your game to a considerable extent.

Identify the direction the wind is moving in

Identify the direction immediately in which the wind is moving in. There is at least somewhat of a consistent direction that the wind is going in. Like north to south, east to west, west to east, etc. Whatever it is, there is usually some consistency with a little bit of variation.

The sooner you can identify what that general direction is, the more effectively you are going to be able to adjust. If you can be the player that first identifies the direction in which the wind is going and actually make adjustments consciously, then you will have a much better chance of winning that match.

So, there are two general main directions wind could be moving. Lengthwise with the courts or width wise with the court. If the wind is moving lengthwise with the courts, then you must adjust the pressure with which you are hitting. If the wind is moving width wise with court, then pick your shots according to the direction of the mind.

Pay heed to your footwork

Wind plays an important role in Tennis.

Footwork always plays a vital role in playing Tennis. Doing it the right way can actually save a lot of energy. When it is windy, you have to pay extra attention to your footwork. Players who usually take large steps are at a disadvantage.

You need to adjust swiftly when the ball swings due to wind. If you can’t adjust, it will result in mis-hits and poor timing. Make sure your steps are swift and small so you can adjust your position and strike the ball accurately.

Adjust Your Swing

Your backswing should be versatile. Playing in the wind needs adjustment. If you are only the master of large backswings, you must shorten them to hit the ball. Try hitting the ball a little higher than you normally do when there is no wind.

The wind can make your normal groundstrokes land shorter in the court, helping your opponent to attack your shots easily. Hit the ball a little harder to keep your shots profound.

While taking Approach shots, make sure you hit the short and low. This will push your opponent to hit the ball up.

Drop Shots and a great tennis serve can give you an edge

Every tennis shot requires different approach when there are windy situations.

Tactical drop shots can give you an edge while playing tennis in the wind. The wind will prevent the ball from getting too deep in the court and will require your opponent to put extra effort into reaching the ball.

When it is windy, the serve plays a significant role in getting you a point. When the wind is blowing sideways or width wise, try Slice and kick serves. Keep your opponent moving the lengths of the court.

Use Spin

Do you want to bother your opponent? High topspin can do the thing for you. The ball will stay profound and go high, which can force your opponent to run into the back court to return your shots. They will end up hitting a lot of short balls.

Check out for the short balls anytime your opponent is hitting into the wind. If you can get to the net when it is windy, it is good since the conditions make it troublesome to hit passing shots. Try side spins when the wind is moving width wise of the court.

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Always keep moving in your Tennis game

This should be for every time when you are playing any match. But especially in the wind, you’ve got to keep your feet moving. You have really got to work on the time of your split step so you can react to the ball.

When your opponent is getting ready to come forward into the ball, that’s when you have to split step. So, this is going to help you get the first move to the ball to see where it is going, and then you have to keep your feet moving right up into the last second till it is time to hit. Because in the wind, that ball can take a last-minute dive. The ball can do lots of funny things in the wind.

So, if you are standing flat-footed, you’re going to miss so many shots in the wind. So, make sure that you are really moving your feet more than you normally do when the weather is not windy.

tennis have various environment factors affecting the game. Wind being the key one.

Master the Overhead

The wind can make the ball dance which makes it hard for the player to hit Overheads. Let the ball bounce, if it is too high, before hitting the overhead. Letting the ball bounce will make it easier to adapt to the movement of the ball.

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