How to find the motivation to work out and stay fit?

The past year and a half have been a challenge for all of us around the world. While we thought that sitting at home and doing nothing is a blessing at first. We all certainly enjoyed the first few months of just eating and sleeping on a cycle without worrying about our bodies and doing no work out at all. But it eventually led to the realization that it was an unhealthy lifestyle.

With a lot of time lost, what can you do to make up for all the extra calories you consumed? What do you do about the times you binge-watched a show till late at night with delicious snacks? And what do you do about the indulgent desserts you baked and ate?

You work out! It is about time we get on a fitness mat at least once in a while. Are you thinking about how to find the motivation to do so? Well, here are all the answers that you need:

Write it down:

No matter how many verbal promises you make in your head, once you put something down in writing, it becomes legitimate. By writing it down, we mean writing down your goals, your progress, everything.

Writing down your goals will make you want to achieve them with a stronger motive. Once you start writing your progress, the changes in them will act as a direct motivator to your workout routines. It is as easy as understanding that a written contract in court would be much more effective than just a verbal contract.

Set attainable goals for your work out routine:

Do not start your fitness journey by keeping an extraordinary goal in mind. We agree that aiming high is the right thing to do but in fitness, it can get exceptionally unsatisfactory.

Fitness takes time, and if you have a big goal of losing 50 kg, you would want to give up the moment you do not see instant results. So, start with minor goals in the beginning. Once you get the hang of it, start aiming higher.

Finding a "workout buddy" might be very encouraging and motivational.

Get a work out buddy:

People are moody, even we do not sometimes get in the mood for a workout. But when you have a workout buddy, they can become your motivation on days when you feel down. And this is definitely a two-way street.

If you find your buddy down on a day, you must be the responsible one to motivate them to get on a mat. With constant motivation like this, you will not even realise how quickly your sessions would get through.

Take it one day at a time:

Starting your workouts with a mindset that you will have to go through this every day could be wrong. You just have to get through one day at a time because tomorrow is going to be easier.

Science suggests that once you do something for at least 18 days, it becomes a habit. So, the next time you start working out, remember that this not-so-great feeling is for 18 days only. Because after that, you will enjoy doing so. Pass through today, and worry about tomorrow, tomorrow.

Ask yourself – Will you regret not working out?:

This is one of the most basic but the most effective ways of motivating someone to work out. Ask yourself, will be you okay without working out today? Will you regret this decision? Do this by looking at yourself in the mirror as if you are talking to it.

We all have fitness goals set for ourselves, would you be okay with letting yours go to waste? When you have this conversation with yourself, the urge to work out would rise within you.

Reward yourself after a good work out session:

Reward yourself with a cheat meal after a good work out session or routine. And remember, a cheat meal doesn't always have to be junk food!
A cheat meal doesn’t necessarily has to be junk food!

When you start rewarding yourself every now and then, your brain starts associating those activities as positive. The reward will be so overwhelming that your brain can link it to the activity that you are conducting. Food is not always the only reward.

Get yourself a massage, buy a new designer outfit, go to your favourite arcade, or just do something you would enjoy. And well, also get a cheat meal once in a while.

But do you know the best way to find the motivation to work out?

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