How to Keep Your Crew Motivated as a Film Director

Making a movie demands constant hard work, a clear vision, and a motivated crew that is willing to work in challenging situations. A crew determines the ultimate result of a film and ensures that the director’s vision and plans are perfectly executed. Motivation is essential in any workplace. By using these techniques, a director can keep the crew motivated and efficient at all times:


As a film director, you are leading the crew towards making a great film. Being punctual is probably the most professional quality to have. By setting up a timed call that is common for everyone or at least transparent enough for the team to see is a good way for getting people to be on time.

Ego issues should not be interfering in this, as every successful director or film producers is known for being on time.


Timely breaks throughout the filming schedule play a critical role in the efficiency of your team. Days spent shooting could be tiring and exhausting, so you need to plan the breaks in a way that the crew members get enough time to refuel and reset their energy into their work. A well-fed and well-rested crew is a happier and an efficient crew. Back-to-back work can reduce productivity.

Check-in with the crew members at all times, make sure that they are treated well and are comfortable. Acknowledge their efforts on long days of shoot and try to have a positive attitude on those days. It will also make sure that all the members show up for work every day with enthusiasm.


Keeping a track of short-term goals can do wonders. Yours and your crew member must discuss a to-do list for every day at the shoot to be more efficient and to avoid any hindrance and delay. A meeting at the start of the day and at the end of the day usually works best. This way, the team realizes the areas they should improve on. When things go as planned, the reward is very self-motivating.

A director should always:

●      Set specific and measurable goals for his crew. Goal setting always provides you with focus and long-term vision. If all the goals are clearly communicated to the crew, then tracking progress becomes easier.

●      Communicate clearly with the crew. Listen to their ideas, thoughts and take regular feedback from them. This will ensure that they acknowledged and involved.

Direction in general:

Directors should always lead by example and have the ability to inspire others and get things done smartly. Apart from directing the movie, a good director must know how to lead their crew. Directors should ensure that everyone works as a team and no effort goes to waste. They should have a clear vision which every crew member should be aware of.

●      Create a conducive, respectful and approachable working environment to avoid communication gaps and conflicts.

● Moreover, A good director is tactful, original and provides criticism in the most constructive way.

●      Voice your opinion but do not be condescending towards anyone. Try to be civil and polite with your suggestions.

Roles and Clarity:

As much as working as a team is important, the crew members must have clarity about their respective roles. With everyone doing their part right and on time, you can easily direct them towards the final goal. Hence, communicating and explaining their responsibilities clearly is another way to get the most out of your crew.

●      Describing day to day work to every member will tell what is expected of them.

● Monitoring their individual performance will be easier and hence, any shortcomings can be fixed.

●      Assigning every duty according to an individual’s strength will boost their confidence and enthusiasm levels.


It is very important to establish a feeling of teamwork among the crew members. Morover, there shall always be healthy competition amongst them for their personal growth and development. It is reasonable for a director to take their time to get along with the cast and crew members.

At the end of the day, you should have faith in them to deliver their best work possible. A film crew is made up of different departments. One individual member cannot achieve success, it is always the whole team that contributes to the final product.

●      The film industry requires everyone to work together cohesively. Teamwork is the best way to achieve the desired goals and requirements.

●      Everyone has a different life and work experience, so it becomes very important to respect every opinion.

● Encourage teamwork by organizing team-building exercises and opportunities with the director.

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