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Easy Method Acting tips for beginner Actors

When one talks about learning Acting, Method Acting is a primary process in finding a character and finding your acting skills. What all you need is Emotional memory, Character, Research, Commitment, and Practice. Before jumping into Method Acting techniques and tips, let us first understand what Method Acting is.

Method Acting isa procedure of acting in which an actor seeks to encourage emotionally expressive performances by entirely inhabiting the role of the character.It is more of an emotion-oriented technique rather than classical acting, which is primarily action-based.

Actors need to be your own director when you first start out.

Use your emotional memory to connect to the role.

Understand that Method Acting is an exercise of using emotional memory to bring out the emotions of a character. It is not attributing your everyday life to a character. Develop your emotional or thinking memory by trying to think of memories from your past that move you in a certain way.

Try to feel those past emotions in the present. Practice bringing up these emotions and memories often. Bring out past emotional memories, re-create them and allow them to surface as your current emotion. In other words, think of something happy, become happy internally and then show that you are happy.

Actors must have the Intention:

When you have come across a script with a character you’re going to play, the first step is always to understand the intentions of your character. If you are unable to understand the emotions or tone of the character, you will end up messing up your character. You might overact, and the audience can pick that easily. So, the first thing you need to understand is the intention and emotion behind your character.

Actors need to practice acting at home in front of your camera.

It is all about your creative imagination of the actors.

You just don’t have to pretend that you are someone else. You have to live your character and let the audience believe that you and the character are the same. Use your creative imagination and let your character reach the audience. As said earlier, don’t try to just pretend. The audience will always know.

Research well about the character and role you are playing.

Do the research and know in-depth about the character you are playing. The better you know your character, the more you will be able to find things about yourself to relate to your character. Imagine what the character you are enacting might be feeling and find your memory that fits with the emotion you think the character is feeling or experiencing.

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