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Mental Health Tips for Actors:

1.Dealing with Rejection:
All artists face rejection. You should believe in yourself and not let rejections bring you down. Many skilled actors have faced rejections before landing good work. Make your rejections a positive motivation for yourself, learn from mistakes, and prepare better for the next audition. In the end, the rejections that you hate, will make you a better artist in the future.

2. Staying Motivated:
It is difficult being an actor and keeping the same morale throughout your career. Figure out your way to stay motivated, watch movies, your favourites or new, or do something new, or simply take breaks. It is very important to be able to give your best whenever there is demand. Excellent opportunities might slip away if you’re not prepared and motivated enough.

3. Audition Anxiety: 
Walking into your audience and facing cameras and the director can cause nervousness or stage fright. Make believe that these people want the person for the role as much as you want it. Don’t think about them as just critics waiting to pick on your negatives and disapprove you. Show your best and just focus on your role thinking they are on your side.

4. See a Therapist when Required:
The struggling period can particularly be very stressful, anxious and also depressing for some. Don’t be afraid to seek help. Go to a therapist when required, it’ll help you clear up your thoughts and learn what you’re doing wrong. A good mental health will reflect in your work and acting.

5. Meditate
To avoid any of the mental challenges being an actor, one must be prepared. Meditation is probably the best way to prevent any mental stress or anxiety to build up. Meditation also helps you stay calmer and think better, in all boosting your overall confidence, which is a very important thing for an actor.

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